Meet 7 dogs who LOVE Pizza Towels

Meet 7 dogs who LOVE Pizza Towels

It's only human to be obsessed by Pizza Towels... but now doggos and puppers are getting in on the act.

It seems even man's best friend loves lying on a giant novelty pizza from time to time. And since we appreciate pooches as much as pepperoni, we thought we'd share some of our favourite Instagram pics of pets on pizza.

As you check out our gallery below, one thing will become clear: our four-legged friends have no problem whatsoever kicking back on a giant round pizza blanket.

If you like what you see, you can pick up a Pizza Towel (but not a puppy - sorry) right here. 

NOTE: No towels were eaten and no puppers harmed in the making of these Instagrams.

So, without further ado - meet 7 dogs who LOVE Pizza Towels.

1. This guy. Is he winking at us...?

Sneakers, puppers and #pizzatowels 💘💖💗@parishakira

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Check out the Pepperoni Pizza Towel here. 

2. Cuteness this extreme should be a criminal offence.


Check out the Vegetarian Pizza Towel here.

3. "Will you marry me...?" 

Serious question: pug and #pizzatowels = best #tinder date ever? @jaffaxie thanks to our fave #pug

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4. Buddy. Dominating.

Let's face it - you're probably not killing it today like @buddy_the_wiener is.

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 5. What a well behaved boy. Just patiently chilling while his owner stages an elaborate Pizza Towel shoot. #PetGoals

Free #Labrador with every purchase.* *disclaimer: it's a lie. Pic and pup courtesy of @brolearious

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 6. This guy's definitely guilty of something.


 7. The King.


Aaaaaaand this bonus cheese-loving doge. 

Check out the Cheese Pizza Towel here.

This sneaky pup has cheese camouflage. On our cheese #pizzatowel - pic: @nickofsteele

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